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I have been collecting postcards for well over 30 years now, and belong to the Maidstone Postcard Club (click to go to the MPC web pages)

I currently collect cards from the Hastings publisher Shoesmith and Etheridge (S&E), and have compiled a checklist (updated November 2022). If you are able to add to the list, then please let me know? The full history of S&E and their related firms can be found here.

Also on the list are cards by the artist AR Quinton and published by Salmon of Sevenoaks, especially those produced on the Isle of Wight, Kent and Sussex. The listing is in excel format.

Perth in Scotland is also an interest (family connections), as are the small villages in and around Hastings and Bexhill in Sussex, specifically Crowhurst, my previous home.

As a member of the LL Collectors Circle, I am busy collecting the cards of the French Publisher J Levy & Sons. Click here for more information about the company and their output of postcards.

Other themes include: comic cards, silks, good real photographic PC’s, transport - especially ships and trains, and many more.

If you have any cards in the themes listed above and would like to give me (or sell to me!!), then please get in touch.

Postcard Checklists - click here

A cracking card from French publishers Levy Sons & Co. (LL), showing the Pier at Hastings in Sussex

LL Hastings S1-9.jpg