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PROGRAMME for 2023

Date                         Subject                                                 Presenter                               Competition

16 January       “B” is for…..”                         Members Evening         Scottish Theme

20 February     Sale & Exchange                    Members Evening          Motor Bikes

20 March         The Other Side of the PC         Julie Lester                 Prison   

17 April           My Latest Acquisitions            Members Evening         Fans

15 May            Evening Postcard Fair                    -                         No competition

19 June           Club Auction                                -                         No competition

17 July            Quiz                                    Eric Baldock                 Fruit

8 August         Visit to West Malling Stamp & Postcard Club               No competition

21 August       Sussex Villages Then & Now    Ron Kemp                   Clock Tower

18 September  Visit from West Malling Stamp & Postcard Club           Sport

16 October      British Calendar Customs        Richard Wheeler           Pets

21 October      Club Fair at Grove Green 0930 to 1500                       No competition

20 November   AGM and Artist Drawn Postcards                                War Memorial

18 December   Chairman’s Evening                Eric Baldock              Seasonal Greenery


15 January       “C” is for……………                   Members Evening          Celebration

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