Honda Goldwing.
MGTF Sports Car.

Appy Wanderers trip to the Yorkshire Air Museum:

11th July 2010

Our trip this month was to the Air Museum in the small village of Elvington, lying some 7 miles south east of the city of York. Elvington was a wartime bomber base initially designated as a grass airfield, but was completely rebuilt in 1942, and along with the arrival of other squadrons was better known as “42 Base”





















Picture shows an ex-bomber converted as a tanker to refuel planes in flight



It is now one of the largest independent aviation history museums in Britain, with an acclaimed aircraft collection that covers the history of manned flight from its very origins in Yorkshire through to the supersonic age. It is also renowned as being a unique memorial to allied air force personnel, including the Halifax squadrons flown by the Canadian Air Force.


Among the many buildings on the site were: a uniform display, an air gunners display, an archive and reference library, a museum shop, a memorial garden, the control tower and signals centre, a fire station, and a building detailing the pioneers of aviation.



My trip started in Maidstone at about 6:30am, and by 12:30 including a couple of stops to refuel I had arrived at Elvington and waited for the hordes of Wingers to arrive from Yorkshire! When the 24 bikes had arrived and lined up outside the NAFFI, it was an impressive sight, and many of the other folk wandering around the museum came by to stare at the bikes and ask questions. All part of being a Winger!!

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Wingers congregate and start some serious eating!


































Wings lined up and looking great!



The airfield was also hosting a classic cars rally, and we wandered around the site looking at some beautiful examples of vehicles polished to perfection. There were also a number of sports cars being raced up and down the runway - a sound almost as nice as a Wing in full chat!!

























Getting in and out of this 1950’s Harrier Jump Jet was a pleasure! Quite claustrophobic though!!










On to Building 17 which housed the Canadian Memorial, including this splendid Halifax named Friday the 13th. On the many steel buttresses are display boards giving information about Halifax squadrons including personnel, details of the planes and the Canadian crests.











A final picture of the Wings parked up and waiting for the journey home.



























A visit to Squires Cafe, a famous bikers haunt followed, and then a short trip to a little hamlet called Croxton (near Hull) for my overnight B&B at Croxton House. Up early in the morning for a rainy journey home, although the rain did let up after an hour or so.


Another great trip to an interesting location and with a great bunch of people from Yorkshire (they paid me to say that though.....) hehe...