Honda Goldwing.
MGTF Sports Car.

HOC ride-out to Southend

5th April 2010

This event was an organised ride-out by the Ace Cafe in West London to Southend, where an estimated 15,000 bikes would take part.


Our small group travelled separately from the main throng having started at McD’s in Otford at 9am, and went via a scenic route led by Mike and then Nigel. The route encompassed the Dartford Tunnel, Brentwood, Billericay, Rayleigh and then minor roads to arrive at Southend from the east, having missed all of the traffic.


Parking eventually along the sea front, the team quickly spotted a biker friendly cafe for the obligatory fish and chips, meeting past members of the club in the chosen cafe. We then walked along the length of the sea front, admiring the bikes on display, including a stand with the new VFR1200cc Honda.


Doughnuts and coffee were then spotted at a roadside stand, and as it would have been rude to refuse, we tried the local fare with relish.


It was then back on the bikes as the sun started to set in the sky, and to get back a little quicker, the main A127 and A13 were taken to pick up the M25, and from there the M20 and home. An excellent day out!!

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Southend Pier: the longest in the UK!!

Mike & Nigel

Keith & Jill

Jill, Laurie & Keith

Mike & Zac

Southend Fun Fair!

Mike & Zac

Keith, Jill, Zac & Simon

The new VFR1200

(Laurie wants one!)

Scene along part of the seafront, showing some of the 15,000 bikes

Some enjoy dressing up...

Smart looking Triumph 1200 combo

Some enjoy dressing down...


Bikes starting to leave

Couldn’t resist the donuts (sp) and coffee shop before heading home!