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BUNNY BLAST 8 - Return of the Rodent


(just when you thought it was safe to go back on the B roads....!)




And so it came to pass that on a beautiful Friday afternoon in April, a group of TFers met at the Grasshopper Inn just outside Westerham to undertake a ride-out hopefully ending at a pub somewhere near East Grinstead. The problem was that our only clue as to how to arrive at the pub was to plot our route by using the fiendishly confusing and utterly diabolical tulips as navigational aids!!















Initial briefing over, and so we

were away!




All tulips and mileages were given

in a handbook, so it was easy to

plot our progress - although of

course we had no idea where

we actually were!!




The turn right SP Tonbridge Bough Beech visitor centre on right (tea and loo stop) seemed too good to miss, and so the TF’s and some very strange looking TF’s all came to a halt at the tea room for a short break.









































And away we went again!





The next stop on our circuit of places I’ve never been to before was the Ice Cream van in Ashdown Forest! More stretching of legs and chatting about how brilliantly we had done having found our way here without getting lost once...........(sorry - no pics, I was eating an ice-cream.....)


More lefts and rights through Colemans Hatch (any relation to Brands? - presumably a brother?) and West Hoathly before the last short dash to the finishing line and the Old Dunnings Mill pub in Donnyngesfeld.


















The TF’s line up again at the Old Dunnings Mill

















      Dad - I’m hungry...!!                           Ladies chat.........















   Did I leave the oven on?                       Take your picture for

                                                                a fiver, mister?



The hungry travellers raced into the pub and found a table or two. Food was on the way, the staff said. And after a short wait, the table was groaning with cheese ploughman’s, ham egg and chips and a variety of other fine fare. All ate until stuffed..!!



















After hearty farewells, it was off home - to Kent, Surrey and Hampshire and other places in the south east.



Congratulations to Paul and Rob for organising an excellent day - great roads (aren’t they so much better than motorways!), good food and good company.



Joan and I look forward to many more Bunny Blasts and other events run for the TFers (and the South East Region, and the main MGCC, and..........).



See you soon!




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