Honda Goldwing.
MGTF Sports Car.






























In November 2009, I purchased this beautiful machine from Appleyards Motorcycles in Keighley, Yorkshire; my first bike for nearly 40 years! Having previously owned Honda machines (50cc; 125cc; 305cc and finally 175cc), this Honda Goldwing high speed cruiser  (1832cc) is the most incredible machine. Although weighing in at about ½ ton, it is very easy to ride, although keeping it on an even keel takes a bit of getting used to when slowing to a stop.


The list of (standard) extras on the Wing is impressive: three large storage areas, cruise control, CD player, 3 band stereo radio with four speakers, intercom, reverse gear (very useful - would be very difficult to get out of some parking spaces without it..!), satellite navigation, automatic braking system (ABS), air bag, and much more.


I have joined a number of biking groups in Kent, including the Honda Owners Club (HOC), who hold at least two meetings a month (1st Wednesday of every month at The Windmill, Hollingbourne at 8pm) and organise ride-outs on most Sundays; and the Kent Wings, who also host two meetings (1st Thursday of every month at the Aylesford Club, Rochester Road, Aylesford at 8pm), and the other a ride out. I also ride-out with a Yorkshire based group of Wingers called the Appy Wanderers; one of their organisers works for Appleyards - hence the name!


I have written notes and added photographs for some of the ride-outs I have attended this year, just click on the links below to see where I have been:



HOC ride-out to Southend (5th April 2010)


HOC day trip to France (16th April 2010)


Appy Wanderers trip to Pitlochry (27th May to 1st June 2010)


Appy Wanderers ride-out to Yorkshire Air Museum (12th July 2010)


Round Europe including the Grossglockner! (6th - 28th Sept 2010)


HOC trip to Brugge (10th October 2010)


HOC trip to Isle of Wight (16th - 17th October 2010)


HOC Toy Run to Fairlawn Childrens Hospital Ashford (19th December 2010)









Sadly, I decided to put the Wing up for sale following a splendid year of touring, both around the UK and parts of Europe, and in March 2011 a new owner from Rochdale took the Wing. This meant that I was able to move back into sports cars, and a few days later took delivery of a 2010 registered MGTF!


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